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Calcium Chloride 77%flakes

Product Name: Calcium chloride
Category: Inorganic chemical/inorganic salt
CAS NO: 10043-52-4 ; 17787-72-3 
Molecular Formula: CaCl2
Molecular weight: 110.98 
EC NO: 233-140-8
H.S Code: 28272000
Packing: Packed in 25/50/1000 kg bags or upon clients' demand.
Properties: White flake or granular crystal or powder, soluble in water, aqueous solution was neutral or slightly alkaline, corrosive.
Calcium chloride is divided into liquid calcium chloride, calcium chloride solid ; According to the content of crystal water in calcium chloride, it ican be divided into
1.    Calcium chloride dihydrate
(1)    Calcium chloride dihydrate flakes: 70%, 72%, 74%, 77%
(2)    Calcium chloride dihydrate particles: 74%, 77%
(3)    Calcium chloride dihydrate powder: 74%, 77%
2.    Anhydrous calcium chloride
(1)Anhydrous calcium chloride flakes: 90%min;92%min;94%min;
(2)Anhydrous calcium chloride particles: 90%min;92%min;94%min
According to the purity level is divided into:
1. Industry grade
2. Food grade
3. Pharmaceutical grade
1. Snowmelt agent, such in road, highway, parking lot, airport, golf course, etc
2. Oil drilling, drilling fluid and completion fluid, petrochemical fluid of dehydration
3. Control dust, coal dust, mine dust;
4. Early strength agent in the construction industry, improve concrete strength, the production of coating curing agent
5. Used for moisture with desiccant; The process of gas and liquid desiccant
6. Rubber latex coagulation agent industry
7. Ferrous metallurgy industry chlorinating agent and additives
8. Papermaking additives and waste paper deinking;
9. Chemical industry of inorganic chemical raw materials and sulfuric acid root removal agent, sodium alginate curing agent;
10.Used for cooling refrigeration industry;
11. Used for prevention and control of wheat, apple, cabbage, decay and food preservative
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