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Our company is expanding its scale and recruiting a number of foreign-trade saleman and document specialists, we sincerely invite the sunshine, smart, honest, introspective talents to our company, we create the brilliant future together.


外貿業務員 Foreign-trade salesman

1、 開展外貿業務,拓展海外市場,開發、 維護國外客戶;Develop foreign-trade business and oversea market, keep touch with foreign customers.
2、收集市場信息,提交市場分析報告;Collect market information and provide market analysis report.
3、進出口業務的聯絡,洽談和談判;Development, contact and negotiation of import & export business.
4、進出口訂單處理,保證按照客戶要求交付;Deal with import & export orders, and ensure delivery according to customers’ requirements.
5、貨款的回收;Recovery of goods payment.
6、相關業務的記錄和分析;Record and analysis of related business.
7、對供應商質量、交付的監控,及時處理相關問題;Monitor the quality and delivery, and deal with problems in time.
8、維護公司客戶,必需有較強的責任心,有較強的溝通能力和交際能力;Maintain company customers, and have the strong responsibility and communication skills.

1、大專以上學歷,國際貿易與英語相關專業;CET4級以上,口語流利寫作能力強,能進行流暢的英文商務談判。 College degree or above, major in international trade and English; CET4 or above, fluent oral and writing skills, be able to conduct fluent business negotiations in English.
2.熟悉外貿和訂單管理流程,具備相關領域扎實的基礎知識;Familiar with foreign-trade and order-management process, have good foundation knowledge in related fields.
3、優秀的英語書面及口頭表達能力,溝通、談判能力,良好的管理協調能力,能獨立開展工作,具備國外市場開拓能力。攜客戶來者可放寬政策。Excellent written and oral English expression, communication and negotiation skills, good management and coordination ability, can work independently, with the ability to explore foreign markets. Those who bring customers can relax their policies.

4, 性格開朗,具有良好的職業素養,工作責任心強,敬業進取。Sunny personality, good professionalism, strong responsibility and progressive.
5、有外經貿崗位工作經驗者優先考慮。(若是優秀的應屆畢業生可寬松要求)It is preferred who have work experience in foreign trade. (excellent graduates can be relaxed)

單證人員 Document specialists:

1、熟悉國際貿易業務運作流程及單證制作;Familiar with processes and documents of international trade business.
2、負責安排租船定艙,發貨,報關,報驗,原產地證等相關資料提交;Responsible for submitting information, related with booking ship space, delivery, declaration, inspection, CO and others.
3、負責出口貿易單證的制作、交單,結匯,退稅等詳細工作;Responsible for the documents of production, submission, and foreign currency settlement, tax rebate and others.
4、為客戶提供咨詢服務,及時反饋客戶的要求和意見;Provide counselling services to customers, timely provide feedback to customers' requests and opinions;

1、有一定的外貿出口跟單經驗或船務工作經驗、國際貿易專業者優先;It is preferred, who have experience in export merchandiser or shipping experience, and international trade.
2、熟悉外貿單證操作流程且具備單證(信用證)方面的相關知識;Be familiar with the operation process of foreign trade documents and have good knowledge of documents (L/C).
3、熟悉外貿出口流程、報關流程、出貨商檢流程。Be familiar with export process, customs declaration process and shipment inspection process.
4、熟練的英文口頭及書面表達技能;Excellent oral and written English expression.

5、工作認真、負責、肯吃苦耐勞,具有較強的上進心和高度的工作責任心;Work conscientiously, responsible and willing to bear hardships and stand hard work, and have a strong sense of progressive and responsibility.
6、有良好的表達及溝通能力,學習能力和領悟力強,工作主動性強。Good expression and communication skills, learning ability and understanding, strong work initiative.


We welcome talents and sincerely expect for your participation! Come and join us.

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