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Weifang Jada Chemical Technology Co.,ltd is a modemized enterprise gathering in Production, sales and technical service. It Located in the world kite capital of the north-west of weifang city. The geography position is very superior, weifang port to the north, near tianjin port, Qingdao in the east, the west provincial capital jinan, shipping, air, rail transport is very convenient..

 Our main products are sodium nitrite food and industry grade (white crystal powder, 160000mts/year), sodium nitrate industry grade(white crystal powder or granular type,80000mts/year). Sodium metabisulfite industrial and food grade , sodium sulfite anhydrous white crystal particles type(50000mts/year),  Sodium bicarbonate, soda ash dense and soda ash light. Other main products are  poly aluminium chloride,  Ammonium bicarbonate, Caustic soda (flakes or granular type ), Potassium nitrate(white powder/granular type), Potassium formate, Sodium formate, Calcium chloride(powder, flakes, particles ) , etc. We have standard management system, strong technical force and complete equipment , We also have professional high level engineering and technical personnel . Our company based on the strong scientific research backing to ensure the quality of products of high quality, stable and reliable, Provides the customers with stable quality for use in their products. We will continue to work hard  for providing better products and services to our customers!

Our company has our own Import and export management rights. Our products sales to many countries and regions in the world, such as East South Asia, Europe, Japan & Korea, Middle east, South & North America ect . Our company is always in accordance with” Customer needs as the core, Servival on the basis of quality, Devalopment on the basis of innovation” . While we are absorbed in developing the market, we also provided our best service to all of our customers, we get high Consistent praisem from our new and old customers. Our company has set up a good brand in many contries and regions. Our company also set up after-sales service department to provide guide and help for our customers . We will adhere to the first-class products and high service to continuously meet the needs of the market. Look forward to working with you to win together !

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Domestic Department: jada2006@163.com (86)15763690288 Mr Zhang
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Factory add: Houtown Industry park, Shouguang, Shangdong, China Office add: No8081, Dongfeng Street, Weifang City, Shandong, China